WWT Consulting – Marketing

WWT Consulting – Marketing

Branding / Print

Design & Tonic have worked with WWT Consulting at Slimbridge Wetland Centre for many years on different projects – so we were very pleased to get asked to look at refreshing their own marketing collateral.

This involved several elements including a DL leaflet, information cards, a case study template, a folder and new business cards.

WWT Consulting has divided it’s business into four main service areas. They wanted an icon to represent each of these areas using their existing colour palette.

We created a series of icons and took a fresh approach to their typography, introducing a new clean sans serif font.

We used bands of colour to hold copy and icons. The colour palette helped us to define each of the service areas, while still preserving a consistent look and feel across all the collateral.

“Design and Tonic consistently produce high quality work which has helped us deliver our projects and promote our business. Sam is flexible, approachable and quick which has helped us hit some tight deadlines. Employing Design and Tonic has helped improve the standard of work we now present to clients.”

-Dr Matthew Simpson, Associate Director, WWT Consulting, Slimbridge Wetlands Centre-

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