St Werburgh’s City Farm

St Werburgh’s City Farm

Branding / Large Format Print / Illustration

Based in the heart of Bristol, St Werburgh’s City Farm is a community project focused on outdoor education, youth engagement and supported training for adults with learning disabilities.

The farm got in touch with Design & Tonic to design a series of information boards, which would be dotted around the farm to keep visitors up to date with their latest projects as well as introducing them to their new education centre.

To date the farm had very little consistency with their branding so they asked Design & Tonic to design a brand style that they could start to use through all their collateral and become recognisable to the farm.

We took their current brand colours and logo and worked with two illustrators (Hannah Broadway and Ursula Freeman) who had worked for the farm for many years. Together we created a brand look an feel with a strong header and signpost at the bottom to hold the logo as well as illustrations to get across key messages.

Design & Tonic helped us communicate to our public visitors, in simple infographics, what the Farm’s charitable work with vulnerable families is all about and what positive impact we make to people’s lives.

-Paul Rainger, Project Manager, St Werburghs City Farm, Bristol-

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