Severn Wye – Save@Work

Branding / Print / Illustration

We worked with the Severn Wye on their European project ‘Save@Work’. This project worked with local authority businesses across nine countries in Europe getting them to take part in a competition to try and save the most amount of energy within their building.

The project ran for a year and we produced branding and printed marketing collateral to try and encourage  and educate all the businesses involved on how they could save energy.

The challenge of this particular project was creating designed materials that would work in 9 different countries, speaking different languages. We decided to take an illustrative route as we needed to get across very specific messages and also it was easy for everyone to understand, whatever country they were from.

Saving energy at work can appear to be quite a dry subject and it was important to get workers really engaged, so we wanted the illustrations to be fun and playful. When you are trying to suggest switching off a light switch when you leave the office, having someone parachuting in to turn it off, just feels that bit more fun!

The project was a great success with all the buildings making energy savings across the year.

“Design & Tonic produced the branding and designed all the materials needed for a large European funded project. This was no small undertaking, with 9 different partners, each with their own view of how things should look, Sam handled everyone’s two-penneth with great composure, incorporating comments as best she could without compromising the overall design, ensuring that everyone felt they had been listened to. 

Sam’s designs are fresh and bright, she works hard to stick to a brief but will always say if she thinks something could be better or if she thinks your mad-cap idea won’t work.”

-Karen Robinson, Project Manager, Save@Work-

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