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Sal and Elle are passionate about getting the nation to move better and out of pain. They have been working individually as sport and rehabilitation specialist for a number of years, but decided to combine forces to create a new business which would take their combined knowledge to help people move out of pain.

Offering one-on-one treatments, workshops, event speaking and a subscription service, they aim to educate you on the ‘Fundamentals of Human Movement’.

To reflect this, we wanted the branding to have a feeling of movement. The ‘M’ and ‘W’ when placed together create a powerful zigzag, which is dynamic and has a lot of energy.

The signature part of the logo is handwritten to give the branding a personal touch, which aligns with their company approach to their clients.

The responsive website uses strong imagery and a stripped back colour palette.

Sal and Elle wanted the website to expand as the business develops. They plan to add a number of articles to the site over the coming year and wanted their clients to be able to filter these pages so they could find relevant articles quickly.  So we built a bespoke filtered navigation system to make the user experience as simple as possible

We look forward to watching this exciting new business develop. Check them out at

“Sam’s amazing eye for design and creativity has really helped my brands stand out from the crowd. She always wows me with her work. I wouldn’t use anyone else!”

-Sally Trussler, Director of Move Well with Sal & Elle-

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