Design and Tonic - Graphic Design Bristol

About D&T

Graphic Design Studio in Bristol

Design & Tonic is the freelance graphic design studio of Sam Auden, a multi-disciplined Graphic Designer and Art Director based in Bristol.

Design & Tonic creates work that is thoughtfully considered, innovative and resonates with it’s intended audience. So if you require a new brand identity, a beautiful piece of print or an engaging, user-friendly website please get in touch.

About Me

When I’m not creating cracking concepts for my clients I’ll usually be found in a local flea markets, reclamation yards, antiques markets or basically anywhere I can discover a secret treasure. I love visiting galleries and museums or the back corner of a book shop for inspiration.

Enjoy the intimacy of the theatre and cinema as well as the expanse of the great outdoors. Often found paddling at the sea, scrabbling up a rock face or catching up with friends over a cheeky G&T (naturally).

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